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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Help protect your family's financial future with guaranteed lifetime coverage with premiums that never increase.

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Cash Cancer Insurance

Cash Cancer Insurance

If you get diagnosed for the first time with a covered cancer, the policy will pay up to $50,000 cash for you to use as you see fit.

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Did You Know?

Beginning at age 65 (or retirement, if you are already age 65 or older) your Basic insurance reduces by 2% of the pre-retirement amount each month until 25% of the pre-retirement amount remains, assuming you choose 75% reduction?1

Did you also know that the FEGLI Extra Benefit Amount decreases 10% every year until age 45 then there is no “extra” coverage?2

Through Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company’s supplemental insurance coverage, you and your family can purchase Life Insurance coverage designed to pick up where FEGLI leaves off.

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1 As a Federal employee, you automatically have Basic insurance, unless you waive it or you are in a position excluded from FEGLI by law or regulation. While this statement assumes you choose the 75 Percent Reduction, Basic insurance also includes options for a 50 Percent Reduction and No Reduction. Your coverage does not reduce when you reach age 65 if you are still an employee at that time. For more information on reductions, please see Post-65 Reductions in the Amount of Insurance,,
3 Subject to certain limitations – not available to individuals who are HIV positive or terminally ill.
4 Paid Up at Age 65 premiums payable to policy anniversary following 65th birthday.