Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental Life Insurance for Government employees

Help Your Family Make Tomorrow Better

Through Globe Life’s supplemental insurance program, civil service employees and their families can purchase insurance protection designed to pick up where your employer-provided coverage (i.e. FEGLI) leaves off. Globe Life policies do not replace your existing employer-provided life insurance, or any other life insurance coverage you may have. Our policies supplement the security you already have in place. 

Coverage Availability:

Guaranteed coverage is available for ages 20-50. Other ages will be simplified issue or underwritten. 


Guaranteed Issue*

Ordinary Life policies are issued regardless of health, hobbies or occupation (subject to certain limitations).

Ordinary (Whole) Life Paid Up at Age 65 or Payable for Life**

Both policies accrue cash value. 

No Physical Exam***

Coverage is based upon answers given to health questions provided on the application.

Payroll Deduction

Premiums are payroll deducted by salary deduction authorizations for your convenience.

Competitive Cost

Immediate family members can start the program for as little as $1.50/week, based on age. Both policies accrue cash value. 

Level Premiums

No rate increases — ever.

Family Members Eligible

Coverage provides benefits for you, your spouse, children, grandchildren, or any combination.

No Decrease in Coverage

Your policy amount does not decrease as you get older.

Guaranteed Renewable

As long as your premiums are paid on time, your policy will remain in force and cannot be canceled.

Portable Coverage

You are purchasing an individual policy — you own the policy, not your employer. Which means that this coverage stays with you if you change jobs or retire.

Available Riders:

Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider

Upon proof of terminal illness, insured will receive 50% of the current benefit available prior to death, subject to provisions of the rider (on standard policy only).
Rider automatically included

Waiver of Premium Disability Rider

Upon proof of the insured’s total disability as defined by this rider, the company will waive any premiums due (on standard policy only).
Issue Age 15-55: Rider automatically included

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

This rider pays up to $32,000 for an Accidental Death, subject to provisions of the rider. This benefit pays in addition to other sums collected under the policy (on standard policy only).
Employee and Spouse Issue Age 18–55:

$16,000 Face Amount for $0.50 per week; | $32,000 Face Amount for $1.00 per week 

Children's Term to 25 Rider

Upon proof of the insured child’s death, rider will pay beneficiary up to $10,000, subject to rider provisions. The child rider is only available when the primary insured is within issue ages 18-55.
Applicable Child Issue Age 16 days–23 years: $10,000 Face Amount for $2.00 per week.

Deposit Fund Rider

This rider is available with new life insurance policies that are on Allotment or Bank Draft. Deposits can be made regularly with premium payments to create an interest-bearing account that can be used for any purpose.

The guaranteed minimum interest rate will be 3% for all years the rider is in force. Withdrawals made available 30 days following initial deposit. There is no penalty or charge for withdrawals. Account balance can never exceed the current face amount to which the rider is attached. Special State Restrictions Apply. Coverage provides benefits for you, your spouse, children, grandchildren, or any combination.

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*Subject to certain limitations — not available to individuals who are HIV positive or terminally ill.

* Rider forms 17ESDIADR, 17ESDICR, 17FP-4162R, 17GABR1, ESDGCR, ESDGADR, ESDGWPR, ESDGABR, GDFR3; availability varies by state. Riders and
benefits may vary by state.
**Policies and benefits may vary by state. Paid Up at Age 65 premiums payable to policy anniversary following 65th birthday.
*** If applicant has certain preexisting medical conditions, policy will be issued with graded benefits: initial policy benefit is 25%; second year is 50%; third year is
75%; fourth year and thereafter is 100%.